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haveyouquitefinishedlouis asked:

surface and see what is really going on, and also not receiving any form of encouragement and support? To be quite honest I bet they fucking LOVE the fact that no matter how much effort their team puts into their closeting there are still people who won't buy into it. Imagine how despaired they would feel if everyone bought into the official narrative and just pretended nothing was going on? No, just.. no. Showing them support is a /good/ thing.

Oh its ok babe. Exactly though, you couldn’t have put it anymore adequately. Yes they do & just the fact that Louis fav’d that girl’s tweet says it all. There’s just so much unnecessary drama in this fandom. Its a combo of bullshit & stupidity. I just think, idk whether these people are fuckin oblivious, gullible, impressionable or all 3. People need to open their eyes & not be so naïve. As much as mgmt fails, at the end of the day they are doing something right when there’s people believing the official narrative. There are so many Larry shippers (I don’t like the term), so it just so happens to be a coincidence that we ALL believe in the same thing? And so we must be crazy for believing such things. I’m just so fed up with everything, especially their team. The day they leave Modest! I’m going to have a bottle of Vodka in my right hand & a joint in my left hand to celebrate. I just want Louis & Harry to be fully happy without having to worry about anything in the world. (Btw, love how you answer everyone’s questions with care & love your mentality/outlook on everything. Also, you’re my fav L&H blog)

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